Martin Škampa



Cellist Martin Škampa started to learn the cello at the age of ten under his father. At the age of sixteen, he was accepted at the Prague Academy of Arts in professor Sasha Večtomov´s class and graduated with honors in 1984.

So far, Martin Škampa has given over 2,000 recitals and played the solo part in works with orchestral accompaniment in 300 other concerts. He has played in 18 European countries, in the Lebanon and in Hong-Kong, and has undertaken over ten concert tours in Japan.

His artistic development was strongly influenced by his mother Vlasta Škampová - a conductor of the Prague Youth Orchestra - and by the pianist and teacher Alfred Holeček with whom he worked closely and gave about 50 recitals.

Martin Škampa has performed on such occasions as the ISME Festival in Bristol (1982), the IDRIART Festival in Prague (1987 and 1989) and the Youth Congress in Helsinki (1988). His artistic achievements are documented on numerous radio recordings and CDs.

Martin Škampa – 2011, 2012